Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Right As Rain.

Good evening one and all.
Welcome back to my...slowly working blog.

Not too much to talk about honestly, summer has been a mix of pure boredom and fun times.
I took up In The Groove again recently to combat my metabolism slowing down.
For those of you who do not know what In The Groove is, it's a more challenging version of Dance Dance Revolution that was made in the USA.

As far as my music goes I have been trying out classical piano this summer. It's enjoyable but It's way too much stress for me. My Jazz studies are going very well I'd like to think.
My good friend and I have started a duo that had our first gig recently at Saxby's Coffee. It was a lot of fun honestly, even though soloing in a duo setting is extremely difficult to pull off for guitar.

Moving on from personal things, now something for you guys.
If you know me well at all...or even a tiny bit you know that I love The Postal Service to the point of them probably being my favorite artist; and I love Owl City's older stuff almost as much (Even though he's sold out for the past two albums ).
Well, I've been on a search for an artist that has a similar sound to both of them with no avail.

Thankfully though my good friend from the duo showed me a duo out of Austin(Even though one of the guys lives in the North West now) that has taken a lot of influence from The Postal Service. The name of the group is "Quebec Antique" and you can check out my favorite song from the album here. You can also check out their website here and like them on Facebook here.

They have a really great, happy sound that just makes you smile without the super cheesy lyrics like Owl City and without the sad undertones of The Postal Service.

Well, hope you enjoy and I'll be back later on in the Summer.

Peace out everyone.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taking It From The Pickup At B

Well, these little introductory posts are always a bit awkward.
I'm going to attempt to say screw it and just speak my mind.

So here we go, a month and a ways into 2011. I'm getting old it feels like, or maybe I'm just not drinking enough water. (Note to self...drink more water.) Hitting the 20 year mark in my life was interesting feeling. Not of dread or happiness but more of an unreal feeling. It's like every time I age I get closer to understanding everything but every time I think about it I don't quite want to know yet.

But moving on from that little thought process...I will bring you to the basic idea of this blog.
I'm a 20 year old male going through one of the most bias filled degree programs out there and I have a severe self esteem issue. (Oh man, this is gonna be one fun ride eh?)
So this will be my way of venting in a way, and it will be my way of sharing what I learn about music and jazz.

I'm already a little ways into my music learning (Explaining the title of this post) and I feel like I am so far behind everyone else. I hear complements and praise, but I can't shake the feeling that they are just trying to make me feel better. Meh, no way to find out so I guess I'll hope for the best.

I've met some amazing professors so far so let me go over that a bit.
Let's see...My Music Fundamentals teacher was very lackluster..to the point of me not going to class for a good fourth of the semester and still getting an A.
After that I took a good 3 semesters to work on prerequisites, then after being tired of not persuing my dream I contacted Kris Berg and started learning about the jazz program he runs.

A month later I auditioned and was placed in the Collin PM Jazz Combo (More on them later).

My first semester of classes consisted of Music Theory I, Aural Skills I, Piano I and Walking and Fitness (Fixing a wrongly given F from a previous semester).
My Music Theory I and Aural Skills I shared the same Prof. Dwayne Pedigo who is an amazing professor when you pay attention to what he is saying (Unlike half the class).
Piano I was taught by Nitalia Pitts who is also an amazing teacher with many good things to say about my playing.(I strive on positive reinforcement apparently)

Then the PM combo...Dear lord...I was so lost that first rehearsal night. I couldn't read chord changes, I couldn't read lines. My mind just wouldn't work for some reason. The band has quite a few members for a combo and I'll go through them all in a later post.

Long story short I am more comfortable playing with them now and we had a great few concerts last semester.

Starting up this second semester I can already tell it's going to be rough. After an incident this past week I'm already demoralized to the point of apathy...but I am trying to go the route of "Do something about it" rather than give up.

So this blog will be the accounts of my musical journey and some of my musical findings along the way.

I hope you all enjoy it and possibly come back for more.

Cameron Herren.